Gongyo is to recite the Lotus Sutra and chant Daimoku in front of the Gohonzon. The practitioners of Nichiren Shoshu have been carrying out the practice of Gongyo since the time of Nichiren Daishonin and Nikko Shonin. We recite the first part of the Hoben (“Expedient Means”-2nd) Chapter and the entire Juryo (“Life Span”- 16th) Chapter of the sutra and chant the Daimoku – Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo – to the Gohonzon.

Practicing morning and evening Gongyo allows us to purify our lives, establish a happy life condition, and create our own desirable futures. Performing Gongyo every day without fail is a critical aspect of our practice.

We perform all five silent prayers in the morning and three silent prayers (the second, the third and the fifth silent prayers) in the evening.


God’ s rememberance is the key to peace and bliss in the heart. Enjoy this rememberance through this hindi bhajan: Tere Naam Ka Sumiran Karke
Mere Mann Me Sukh Bhar Aaya

Teri Kripa Ko Maine Paya
Teri Daya Ko Maine Paya

Tere Naam Ka Sumiran Karke
Mere Mann Me Sukh Bhar Aaya

Duniya Ki Thokar Khakar
Jab Hua Kabhi Besahara
Naa Paakar Apna Koi
Jab Maine Tumhe Pukara
Hey Naath Mere Sir Upar Tune Amrat Barsaya

Teri Kripa Ko Maine Paya
Teri Daya Ko Maine Paya

Tere Naam Ka Sumiran Karke
Mere Mann Me Sukh Bhar Aaya

Tu Sang Me Tha Nit Mere
Ye Naina Dekh Naa Paye

Chanchal Maya Ke Rang Me
Ye Nain Rahe Uljhaye

Jitni Bhi Baar Gira Hu
Tune Pag Pag Mujhe Uthaya
Teri Kripa Ko Maine Paya
Teri Daya Ko Maine Paya

Tere Naam Ka Sumiran Karke
Mere Mann Me Sukh Bhar Aaya

Bhav Sagar Ki Lahro Me
Jab Bhatki Meri Naiya

Tat Chhoona Bhi Muskil Tha
Nahi Dikhe Koi Khiwaeya

Tu Lahar Bana Sagar Ki
Meri Naav Kinare Laya

Teri Kripa Ko Maine Paya
Teri Daya Ko Maine Paya

Tere Naam Ka Sumiran Karke
Mere Mann Me Sukh Bhar Aaya

Har Taraf Tumhi Ho Mere
Har Taraf Tera Ujiyala Nirlep

Prabhuji Mere
Har Roop Tumhi Ne Dhara

Teri Sharan Me Aake Data
Tera Tujhi Koday

Teri Kripa Ko Maine Paya
Teri Daya Ko Maine Paya

Tere Naam Ka Sumiran Karke
Mere Mann Me Sukh Bhar Aaya


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Is stillness sterile?

Many of us are experiencing ourselves in a forced stillness in the lockdown period and feel un purposeful and unproductive. For eons, we have believed in the capacity and intention of action to achieve a state of fullness and viability.
At this standstill of time, where most of us are restricted in our movement, interactions and more, the mind is bound to slip into a self critical state of being a useless nobody with nothing great to do or aim for either. The paralysis of action is a grappling enigma for the egoic mind which has its identity erected out of a urgency of purpose. So how is one to cope with this futility of purpose and goal while we all go through the hibernation season for humanity? A keen acceptance and complete inner surrender is the key. To see the world situation with a certain indifference is a mandate. Might sound uncompassionate to many but when one falls in the meditative and allowing space of self surrender, one sees clearly that it was merely an ego aggression to offer to make a difference to what truly is unfolding. At this point, stillness takes over. This stillness should not be mistaken for a sterile end point but is a collosum to a mighty beginning. As one hibernates and performs inaction, one gears up for mindful action in the most appropriate way.
Can we prepare ourselves before a launch in this stillness or are we too unstable and unready for it? It’s a great opportunity to do some deep reflections, and have the banana cake you have always wanted to..
Give up the bait of action and allow the try self to shine from within in this sacred altar of stillness and soberity.



What can be a greater fate than being yourself in this one lifetime? Welcome to greater fate …my audios on life, love, realizations, poems and more welcome you to live your own experiences as you listen and immerse as inspired.

Chanting Ram Naam gives you peace of mind and helps you to overcome disorders like fear, anxiety, depression. Chanting Ram Naam creates a significant vibration on the human body which invokes the part of the subconscious mind. Chanting Rama Naam will set you towards the right direction on the life path.

A lifetime is lived in searching for love, then living it out followed by the last step of transcending it. It’s a full circle of occurance which each soul passes through. The seeking …exhilirating and enticing keeps the juices flowing and the butterflies fluttering around in the stomach. The shadow of a faceless lover keeps appearing as an invitation to dissolve in the beloved’s call for union. On arrival, one finds himself facing a mirror which keeps reflecting one’s own shades of persona, feelings and being. In this association, one experiences the plethora of human emotion that’s available and is distracted from the real search of the true self. The maaya of emotion keeps the attention and awareness outward focussed and is on the mercy of the tossing turning of the lover. The sweet melody of this love song is too good to decline and the landscapes of emotions too welcoming to ignore. The trap is all set and the ignorant one falls into it…sometimes even when one is too aware to see it..still the succumbing to love is allmost impossible. Nobody really knows why…Maybe it is a part of the plan of growing up or awakening. Swooning to the erotica of love and high on it’s pangs… One forgets the impermanance of the association. When death, suffering or distance suddenly jolt one from the dream, it comes to a knowing that the ephemeral and fleeting nature of relationship cannot be tagged alongside eternally. It must end some day and leave behind a wound..a wound that scars, aches , bleeds and silently shouts out for balm and succor. In the lonely woods of a lost love, one wanders from tree to tree searching for familiar signposts and finds himself lost in the maze of memories. This phase also eventually does end as does everything else and one arrives at a point of reflection where one has transcended the myth of love and can no longer return to it’s sweet enticement. at this point of Transcendence, one continues to participate and yet know it’s illusion and bigotry. The alchemic revelation of love finally ends at it’s Transcendence and passing over.



The yoga of relationships is a ever available playground where we can practise the concomitant occurance of need, presence and awakening. How can two lovers possibly awaken together without renunciating the passionate longing for each other? Sounds like a maze but a conscious practise of awareness is all that’s needed. Identity traps are the biggest things that seize our attention in the deepest of our associations. We remain trapped as being who we are to the other and allmost terrorizing the other to be similarly so. Because even if one of us looses the garb of identity, his nakedness begins to threaten the ruin of their relationship. It’s like a death knell as how could you possibly romance a nobody. The whole illusion of the shared palace of the relationship stands shattered in the face of such calamity. Who will we be when we can’t even be ourselves anymore..it’s scary and death like. We want to be enlightened…sure but we would like to still hold on to our closest ones too. It sounds paradoxical and strange. But surely it’s possible to co exist in deeply loving ways to our dear ones and still not fall into the trap of belonging any place. This is possible when both the participants are honestly seeking an awakening and have a will to move in tandem and awareness. It’s easy to get lost in the dramas of relationships when one comes from a place of deep identifications of one self and other. The perpetual trial to tailor make relationship according to these identities with it’s likes and dislikes becomes the main agenda and the real idea of evolution from the mundane attachment is forgotten. The same relationship that heals, solace’s and supports becomes a binge of pain and pleasure alternating itself cyclically..it becomes a trap rather than an open sky of freedom and oneness. So if you are lucky and have someone who wishes to awaken with you while you both are in love…it’s a precious and rare blessing of a lifetime. Go all out, practise the yoga of relationships with compassion and awareness and knead yourself into a true oneness of being.


Yoga nidra (Sanskrit: योग निद्रा) or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the “going-to-sleep” stage, typically induced by a guided meditation.

There is evidence that yoga nidra helps to relieve stress. An ancient technique from India, it has now spread worldwide.Yoga nidra is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. This state of consciousness is different from meditation, in which concentration on a single focus is required.In yoga nidra the practitioner remains in a state of light withdrawal of the 5 senses (pratyahara) with four senses internalised, that is, withdrawn, and only hearing still connects to any instructions given. The goals of both yogic paths, yoga nidra and meditation are the same, a state of meditative consciousness called samadhi.
It is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. In lucid dreaming, one is only, or mainly, cognizant of the dream environment, and has little or no awareness of one’s actual environment.



Every truth contains within it a paradox of opposites and it’s complete acceptance is the way to ingrain it…wholeness passes through a sequaelae of pain and inner opening …a fracture of the familiar and the conditioned…and that’s the fire one has to pass through to fly in the open skies… If I have any dream it is to live our lives in open and honest truth of love and the self… in this grand vision for ourselves and others; we will set ourselves free and eternally in the deepest love possible between any humans.. we can choose to remain trapped in what we have arrived at or keep moving deeper into oneness and the self and love.. the double edged spectrum of truth is a pinch of spice and sugar and is not readily available to an unripe mind. The door opens when one is ready and in surrender. The egoic identity cannot surrender easily to enter this home with no walls as it stands stupefied in the absence of recognizable efforts what it is used to. Truth is easy and difficult both as it is too subtle to grasp and too easy to intellectually understand. However with patience, silence, acceptance and conscious effort…we embody it’s paradoxes and gracefully live it’s spectrums. Only willingness to remain open and in surrender is needed to enter this realm of the apparent opposites.



We are often assailed with doubts and dillemas. The fickle mind plays out it’s drama of being the master and having a authority to make choices for us. That itself is a big illusion as all is unfolding as it should at it’s own pace and grace. But the mind asserts it controls occurances by making wise and meaningful choices. That assertion keeps the ego alive in its Glory of being in control. Doubts are the tools of the mind and trigger in us dis satisfaction, anxiety and insecurities. However, doubts can be used as a vessel which can hold within it the wisdom waters of knowing. When we have doubts, we probe deeper, we meditate on our experiences and sculpt perceptions and understandings. Doubts sharpen the longing and inflame the passion to know. The ambiguous nature of doubt opens us to the possibilities of discovery. Thus…doubts may be used well to our evolution and to deepen perception and amalgamation of experience. Don’t fret when you have doubts. Own them and let them lead you home…to being more of yourself .



Aloneness… The prelude that always leads to Oneness

There comes a definite time in one’s journey beyond which one has to travel alone. No matter whom or how deeply you might have loved, have been accompanied or the sacredness of your beliefs, you find yourself much too far away from such familiar locale. A common mistake at this point would be to identify this as a solemn kind of loneliness which has a melancholy undertone to it. And then try harder to fit in…amidst the familiar and the comfortable. Alas.. some changes are ir reversible and rather there is never a going back to the same old patterns of consciousness. This realization could be scary as one finds himself too too far away and is grieving at the loss. The compass no longer guides to definitive end points, the paths lie fractured and one has no friends to share the fear and grief. How ever..if one prevails in this pause and looks without donning the coloured glasses of old conditionings, he will be able to find peace with the new conscious awakening that’s unfolding. At the end of the lonely dark tunnel, the awakened world of unity awaits where one will know all to be his self only. But do you have the guts to go on travelling through the black hole of aloneness to arrive at the iridiscent light of oneness and love? If yes, know that you are essentially alone as you have never been and keep moving…one step at a time.



” Panta Rhei”..A famous Greek saying which points to the ever dynamic state of everything in this universe is an awakened truth in itself. Everything constantly flows and like one can never step again into the same water of a running stream, one can never replicate an experience or stay in the unmoving state whatsoever. Decay and death take over every thing that is matter and the most affluent kingdoms, the geniuses of men and the strongest of infrastructures all mellow to the blows of mighty time. Then where can one be safe from perishment and it’s way? The realization of impermanance in one’s experience can be a important turning point in the quest for truth and how one must live here while alive. With no perch to land on, the essence of freedom takes over a new insight.

Enlightened beings are also subject to this impermanance. Even their bodies disease, decay and die. Even they feel pain and pleasure ,the only difference being they remain untouched and unmoved by these changes. Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi s life drowned in the mouna ( silence) of the self for allmost 14 years after his Advent on arunachala after his enlightenment at 19 years of age. In his later years, he descended from the mountain and made himself available to the many seekers for his presence and guidance. So essentially his enlightenment also evolved in a way..changed gears. The zen of all phenomenon including enlightenment is that it is not a static one but ever in a flux of some sorts. In fact, an awake being can easily and effortlessly shuttle himself across role plays and ever-changing scenarios of life because he has an in depth understanding of the ever changing nature of all occurances including his own occurance of awakening. He prevails and floats gracefully and that’s what sets him apart from an un awakened life that roars and cries out in suffering and pain or is blown away in the winds of pleasure, success, fame and money.
There is no resistance to change in the awakened one and that stems from his wisdom of knowing all is ever flowing…ever moving…ever and only his own self….

Humorous indeed.. as everything, we even make the process of letting go a conscious strategy of betterment and progress. Our obsession with perfection and our mindless pursuit towards ideal make us arrive at points of ego hyperactivity of letting go. To let go..there must be someone to let go…isn’t it? This someone is the ego. This someone is the pride that is ever engaged in a self improvised version of itself. So paradoxically..the commonly used testament of “letting go” also is a fugitive of the mind alone. Renunciation is it’s new flavour ..it’s new indulgence. True renunciation has nothing to do with objects, people or places. It is the giving up of the personal identity of ownership of those. Awakening brings a new perspective and one can honestly see the sharp intellect playing itself out as the humble saintly being who has renounced. Also letting go cannot be a strategy…but is an occurance ..a ripe fruit that falls off the branch when the moment arrives. Without a fanatasicism for letting go and without a permission of the branch, the fruit drops off. There is no obvious intention at play here and that s what makes it so subtle and natural. The ego is pushy and glamorous and letting go is only one of it’s new fad logos.
Allow and Be… Don’t intend or try to Let go…just Be..and it will drop when it’s meant to.



Retreat essentially means ” withdrawing”. Our attention drives our worlds and it’s manifestations. Whatever we pay attention to..grows on itself. Most of us are ever busy and engaged in our performances in the outer worlds and phenomenon. And hence our attention remains at these occurances. As we go on and on day after day approached by newer situations and enticements, we tend to forget to remain inside us. Soon, the gap between our true self and it’s manifestations rises and makes us feel restless, longing and ever in search of a new and more better space. A viscious cycle indeed, we fall into the trap of repeated distraction and cease to hear the inner subtle silence of the self. Attractive and enticing options in the outside never let us pause to look within which sounds so empty and vain. When one gets weary of running behind these never ending uprisings, one longs for his own presence. Until this zenith of longing peaks to an unbearable point, one continues to rush and push himself in the repetitive patterns of engaging illusions. Retreats are silent times of ruminations where one can pause to reflect and assimilate ones experiences and in turn for tapping an unlimited power centre of energy and bliss. In these pauses…one can still down the routine pace and mutate conditioned responses. But what after these rosy retreats end in places and time frames? One is again beckoned to participate and urged to respond ? There is no escape really from performance and daily living until one is in a silent and slow space zone of time and place. So does it mean the retreat was a placebo and a mind projection? How can one ever remain in this space of non doing, nonbias and silence while one full heartedly and without fear performs, engages and even relishes whatever one is confronted with? The answer seems to lie in the conscious and repeated practise of being ever in the retreat and keeping the attention inturned while all that must flow outside us continues on in full roar. That is true detachment, true renunciation and brings us to a welcoming space of sat chit Ananda which keeps effulging…and a retreat from which one never returns…



Lord Bhairav sometimes known as Kaal (Kaala) Bhairav, is the fierce manifestation of Shiva associated.He is one of the most important deities who originated in Hindu mythology and is sacred to Hindus, Buddhists and Jains alike. Lord Kaal Bhairav is that manifestation of Lord Siva who oversees the march of time. The person who worships Lord Bhairav gets victory over enemies, materialistic comforts, and success. Worshiping Lord Bhairav helps to get rid from sufferings and pains, especially the troubles related to paranormal world. The devotee cherishes all round success and a healthy life free from any sort of diseases. One should recite Kaal Bhairav Gayatri Mantra 108 times at sunrise and pray to Lord Kaala Bhairav for constructive use of time during the day. Om Kaalakaalaaya vidhmahey
Kaalaatheethaaya dheemahi
Thanno Kaala Bhairava Prachodhayaath.



Love as the mating of two solitudes..

We know of the conventional love alone. The love that is born out of a concept of mutual fullfillment and an amusement of social norms and conditions..like all other entertainments, love is now a cheap thrill of pleasure and pain and has no sacred or neuter components there of.

We all wish to love the other merely seeking a refuge from our own loneliness and incompletion. True love is on the contrary never possible between two halves who are confused and incomplete and anxiously seeking a merger as a solution. True love is a celebration of association rather of two solitudes that have now learnt fully that they are deep, complete and resounding of themselves in undiluted richness. What can arise out of the fusion of two blocks of chaos and lust themselves? Nothing but deeper chaos and mess. No wonder the society today is full of such wrecks in the name of love, marriage etc.

Preparedness is vital for conjunction. What is best preparation? The stilling in one’s own self, spending meaningful solitude where the biases are watched and allowed to dissolve. The pre requisite of being a nobody is to be fullfilled before love is stepped into. Nothing else needed, surrender and mutual appreciation is then not a cheap intellectual tool but rather a powerful step towards one’s own deeper revelation through the beloved.

How many of us can practise to live with one’s own aloneness before the wedding night of communion with the beloved? It is scary , boring and does not inspire most of us who want instant coffee of quick unmindful sex and need quench. Who has time for pleasure when orgasm is what one has known and seeked so far? The depths of love are not meant for such hasty and unmindful ones and it’s treasures will remain ever hidden from them. Only the aware, silent and patient mindful ones will reveal love in its Glory and full form..the others will only claim to love. Staying in the shallow waters and believing themselves to be in love… They will fool and chaos themselves more and more.

A man who truly loves himself can only love the other..no one can give us anything that we are not.



This poem forms a part of a book called “Be Love”. Be love has many more such poems which depict the romantic spiritual erotica of love. Love is used as a tool of spiritual realization and know the self. Follow the link to buy the book: www.drpallavikwatra.com/product/be-love/


A powerful hymn to tap Lord Shankara’s grace through the stotra which elucidates his mantra Om Namah Shivaya.



Very intense but feminine…

Linga Bhairavi Devi is an exuberant expression of the Divine Feminine — powerful, compassionate and ecstatic. Linga Bhairavi Arati – An appeal for Devi’s Grace and an offering of oneself.



Chinnamasta Devi is one of the Dasamahavidyas. She is Prachanda Kali and is a fierce form of Mother’s compassion and love. Daily Recitation of this stotram which has 108 names ascribing her qualities can be used to tap her grace.



Guru Namavali is a set of invocations where Shiva is worshipped as the Guru. It is recited as a part of the empowerment ritual of Kalavahana of Sri Vidya tradition.



Śrī Vidyā is a Hindu Tantric religious system devoted to the Goddess as Lalitā Tripurasundarī (“Beautiful Goddess of the Three Cities”). Śrī Devi is the Divine Mother who bestows bliss and plentitude on her devotees. Śrī Vidyā is a well developed form of Śāktā Tantra. This audio podcast reveals the secret mantra keys of Sri Vidya tradition.



The famous Lalita Trishati stotra, which is a dialog between Lord Hayagreeva and Agastya in the brahmandapurana, holds one of the keys to the highly guarded Shodasakshari mantra of Devi, with which the coveted Shree Chakra is worshiped.

After Hayageeva gave the Lalita sahasranama stotra, Rishi Agastya falls on his feet and requests him to reveal to him the secret of Shree Chakra worship. Hayageeva keeps quite. At that time the Devi herself appears and tells Hayagreeva that as Agastya and his wife Lopamudra are great devotees of her and deserve the secrets of the Trishati stotra. Then Hayagreeva teaches the following Lalita Trishati stotra to Agastya.

It has 300 shlokas, 20 for each beeja of the Panchadasi mantra. Reciting this hymn of Lalita brings abundance, grace and immense blessings.



Ganpati Tarpanam is a set of 444 offerings made to Mahaganapaty to seek his grace and blessings. Sri Adisankara has mentioned in Prapancha Saram, that all people irrespective of of caste, creed or religion can do to seek the blessings of Lord Maha Ganapati.

“Ayur arogya maishwaryam balam pushtir mahatyasha

kavitvam bukti mukti cha chaturavrutti tarpanaat

By doing Ganapati Chaturavrutti Tarpanam regularly one is blessed with Ayuh- a long life, Arogyam- good health, Aishwaryam – dharmic wealth, Balam – strength, Pushti – lasting eminence, Mahat Yashas-great honour and veneration , Kavitvam- Literary skills, Bukti – enjoyment of worldly life and Mukti – Moksha ie salvation and liberation from the cycle of birth and death.



The Goddess is none other than you. The kalavahana is a powerful ritual that engrains this live experience in your being .This puja opens the benefits of sri chakra puja to you. It is very powerful, but has been kept very secret so far. Doing puja; every day connects you to Goddess, solves your life’s problems, and makes you a delightful, wealthy and an excellent all around person radiating the glory of divine love towards all. May you enjoy and live out your own divinity.



The blessings of solitude

Alone and with one self, there is a distinct experience of the presence of being. It resonates with every spiritual word one might have heard, learnt or read. There is great holiness in the succor of this space which does not reject, accept or oppose you as you are. There is no religion or bias in the solitude space which could lean your ideas in any which way. It’s a new position of empowered peace and richness of the human spirit vocalizing itself to those who are primed to hear.

On certain days…this solitude could be creepy, scary and painful too. As one is limp in the expression of one’s choices to another human beings, one seems to have lost the capacity of judgement, analysis , good will and power. Existing here as a nobody while all the somebody’s out there are busy making a mark…one could be pushed to a critical level of depressive melancholy and grief. In these dark moments before the dawn of the true self shines in all its splendour..one must hold on and root deeper into the silence of solitude.

There are always things to do and words to say and ambitions to be materialized. Life’s changing priorities does not allow us to ever still and thus we are often deprived of the sweet silence of one’s own companionship in solitude. We hurt so much from everything we manifest but never step back to create a distance from it. That single maneuvre by stepping back into our solitude helps us detach from the allmost real experiences we seem to be having. A watching often always accompanies solitude and this watching ensures we are not our mind body emotion experience but the spectator of it all.

Honour your inner self periodically the gift of solitude and silence and know yourself to be full, complete, wholesome , empowered ,self sufficient and strong. Relive the lives gone by, dream the future that awaits and know that one is never not accompanied in the moment.



“Shri Ramachandra Kripalu” or “Shri Ram Stuti” is a prayer written by Goswami Tulsidas. It was written in the sixteenth century, in the Sanskrit language. The prayer glorifies Shri Rāma and his characteristics.



The famous Lalita sahasranama Stotra can be found in the Brahmanda Purana. It was given to the great Rishi Agastya by Lord Hayagriva, an incarnation of Lord Vishhnu. Agastya was dismayed with the ignorance and the pleasure seeking lives of people and worshipped Devi Kamakshi at Kanchi, one of the most revered Devi Shakti peethas, for a solution to uplift the masses. Lord Hayagriva appeared before agastya and advised him that the worship of the Devi with the Lalita Sahasranama stotra is the best way to attain both spiritual and material upliftment.



The meticulous watching ends in a peal of laughter

Every tiny experience in the moment speaks to us through the medium of thoughts, words and actions. The universe is constantly exploding on us it’s projections and enticing us to react and spill our set of beans.

It’s allmost a defunct state to continue this habitual response sequence and never question the futility and exhaustion of it. Only when one stills in the core of being…the mind is a crystallized clear consciousness to observe the detail and yet remain without a bias to the observation.

This is called as watching….a watching needs 3 things…an observer, an observed and the action of watching…so there is a subject, object and a distance to be travelled between them. The zen part of this story is that there can be neither of the 3 elements there as all are part of the great ONENESS.

So might as well …just be…drop the watching too. Have the Gaga of your favourite stuff when it happens and cry when you feel like… Be ….

Laugh as it dissolves the watching and the thought of watching too.



The chosen Man

The wild fugitive of rambling minds
A chaos too gross to be tamed,
You …sacred Goddess of the yonder
Who is to be your chosen man?

Would he be the shining knight
On an emboldened black horse
Or would he be the Casanova
To ask of your hand for a dance?
Would he be an epitome of chauvinistic pride
Or a sculpture of disciplined muscles?
Would he know all about unicorns
Or would he hold tenderly your buttercup waist?
Would he never shed a tear on the greatest sorrow
Or would he sing you lullabys in bed?

Would he be too proud to cook for you
Or to let you lead the way some times?
Would he be a charmer;wooing hearts
Or would he be a mundane hidden delight?
Would he know when you need to be held
Or would he always want you to ask?
Would his lips cause your neck to scald
Or would he orgasm you without a touch?

Would he be loving to your unborn dreams
As much as he would want you to be to his children?
Would he rise you up to the break of dawn
And whisper you his love confessions
Or would he tame you to sleep late
Unto the day in bed?
Would he be proud of your crazy adventures or
Would he hold you back in fear and shame?

Would he know when you closed your eyes to kiss him
Or would he rape you subtly in possesive gluttony?
Would he comb you when you were healing from sickness
Or would he blame you for being a burden?
Would he know which day you bleed
Or would he only be keen to penetrate?
Would he know who you are when no one’s looking
Or would he like you to uphold your masks?

No one but you can know this better;
As you are the incarnated divinity
Of feminine form
A sensitive and fragile being of light..
Who’s intuitive keenness ranges into the dark galaxies
Bringing to light
Your chosen man!



The Khadgamala (Khaḍgamālā, Sanskrit: खड्गमाला, “Garland of the Sword”) is an invocational mantra that names each of the Devi Hindu goddesses according to their place in the Sri Yantra or in the Maha Meru.This list of divine names is described poetically as a “garland” (Sanskrit: mālā). The sword (Sanskrit: khaḍga) is an epithet for the Devi’s “power to strike down desire, hatred, and delusion”.
This recitation of mantra is a spiritual practice of Sri Vidya tradition.



Mahaganpathy is the first force to be invoked along with the Guru at the onset of Sri Vidya as he is the remover of all obstacles ( Vignaharta). Indeed a powerful and apt way to reach the heart of Devi through her son, Ganapathy.



A famous rendition sung by devotees of Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi which is a fine example of bridal mysticism hymn. Bhagwan extolls the greatness of Lord Arunachala and through 108 verses of splendid emotion tries to partake of Arunachala ‘s grace for himself and all of us.



Suffering and pain are lessons too. They must be tended with equal care as they bring us closer to self realization. Pain is a valuable compass to this arrival.



Sri Vidya is the highest Atma jnana which cannot be tapped without the grace of a Guru. This mantra extolls the greatness of the Guru and helps us instantly connect to Gurus grace.



This mantra is often used to remember Bhagwan Ramana by his devotees in devotion and love to tap his grace



Love as if it’s the moment of your death
And everything you have ever known as a worth is at merciless stake…
Love in courage just as the darkness of a womb
Does not terrify it’s unborn child….
Love as if you are the magnificent sun
Shining on…uncaring and benevolent on
Whom or what it falls
Love like the ocean
In a complete wholeness of it’s depth and waves both all at once
Love like a prayer which has nothing to ask or say
Love like the helpless grass
Which bends to the flocking wind
Love like the autumn tree
Is ever in abidance to losing its green
Love like how Jesus died
Unquestioning to his cross
Love and be silent
As silence is love…



Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi was a silent saint from Tiruvanamallai and till date his magnificent presence inspires many from all over the world. His grace can be tapped by remembering him through the chanting of this mantra



In Vedic Hindu system, a person who renounces the world to become a sanyasi performs the Viraja Homa, or ‘Universal Sacrifice’. Performed daily, it can be used to instill the vairagya towards the body consciousness and it’s attachments. It’s practise cultivates inner freedom and establishes impermenance as an experience. Recommended to be practised everyday for 40 days. Technique offered by Guru Amritananda Natha Saraswati from Devipuram



In Vedic Hindu system, a person who renounces the world to become a sanyasi performs the Viraja Homa, or ‘Universal Sacrifice’. it’s daily practise helps in generating a Mileu of inner freedom from bodily and mental attachments and one has a chance to be born anew every day. The process of one’s death is powerfully visualized and then a rebirth as a ball of light is envisioned. A consistent 40 day practise can go a long way to offer inner renunciation and deep levels of freedom. This technique has been offered by Guru Amritananda Natha Saraswati of Devipuram.

Om Hrim Sri Grurubhyo Namaha,

Namasthe Madam, This is a wonderful initiative to spread the divine Wisdom to everyone, who sincerely wanted to progress in this path. Only Divine Maa can show us the way to reach Ultimate goal of life. By Sri Vidya Practice Ultimate can be reached very easily. Thank U Madam for wonderful initiation

Jai Maa Kaali

Rajesh Shetty

I am so grateful to you Dr. Pallavi Kwatra Ji, to receive your book as a gift. The book is truly a Wave of Beauty – Saudarya Lahiri, literally. Expressing each of the 1000 sacred names of the Devi in a 1000 pictures is a first of its kind. I send my prayers for its success!
– Pawan Misra (Author of LIVING HANUMAN)

Pawan Misra

A very beautiful book! It should be in every library, and on every coffee table. I cannot think of a better gift for friends on the spiritual path.

– Ram Das Batchelder, author of “Rising in Love” and other books

Ram Das

This is a lovely collection of 101 seminal quotes from the great sage Ramana Maharshi, set in delightful designs by Dr. Pallavi Kwatra. A great coffee table book, this would also be a special gift for any spiritual seeker.

~Ram Das Batchelder, author of “Rising in Love”

Ram Das Batchelder

The Beautiful concept expressed in her unique way…

Dr Mily Joseph (General practitioner, UK)

I received this book as a gift from the author herself. Unlike any other books, I queued it for a suitable time and space in order to leap into the engraved wisdom the words hid. As an author and above all as a spiritual-aspirant, Pallavi’s words always reflected something more than just an emotion, and this is the very reason, I wanted to create
an elegant space and time for myself to read her work. And let me be honest, those times I spent reading and absorbing her words became some of the finest moment of my spiritual journey. An eloquent style of narration and the choices of words separates Pallavi from other poets and poetesses I have come across. It is also an important
aspect that her words have the power to reflect a multitude of meaning in the reader’s mind and heart, which affirms her success as a spiritual and symbolic poetess.
Therefore, I am grateful for her to furnish one of the finest poetic works in this year, and gifted me those pearls of wisdom with all its humility and humbleness. ‘Be love’, in all its glory.

Vishanth Pannakal (Author, Lucid, The Archetypes, chaos encapsulated)

Be Love is beautiful! The most beautifully formatted Kindle book that I have. I think I will also get a physical copy too. The font and drawings aptly reflect the delicious content. I am in awe of the writer’s heart and poetic gift. I hope there is more to come.
Thank you.

Ruth Nuttall (Hypnotherapist, Healer & Clairvoyant)

It’s an Amazing book, a must read book for the people looking for the path of spritiual

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Amazon Customer

For anyone interested in spirituality, Hindu philosophy and spiritual poetry, this book is
a rare and highly entertaining treasure. The author, a doctor and poet living in Delhi,
and an ardent devotee of Ramana Maharshi, started a Whatsapp group with eleven
other spiritually-inclined Indian-born doctors, some of them working in the West, and
their ensuing spiritual discussions form the contents of this book, thus giving a modern
twist to the age-old concept of satsang (spiritual discourse, literally meaning ‘joining
with truth’). The flow of gentle chatter among the participants is interspersed with
spiritual stories from various traditions, references to great Gurus of all eras, and
sizzling Zen-like spiritual poetry, the specialty of the author:
What a pity it is
That we fail to see
How unconditionally the sky
Walks alongside each of us.
Inspiring quotes from modern gurus like Sadhguru and Nannagaru are sprinkled
throughout, and lofty concepts such as predestination, grace, bhakti, moksha and
Enlightenment are bubbling through every paragraph. But it is not just talk; some of
those participating in this delightfully human conversation have experienced profound
bhavas and samadhi states, and their attempts to convey those ineffable experiences
inevitably inspire the reader to reach beyond their words into the experience itself.
Such is the great value and blessing of satsang, and the precious offering hidden
within these pages.
My gratitude to this book’s esteemed author, and all who participated in this divine

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Ram Das Batchelder, Author

This book is truly an unique blend of timeless wisdom, discussed on modern
technology. Twelve doctors meet over the period of nine months on the internet’s
WhatsApp site, to discuss religious beliefs, spirituality and philosophy. Dr. Pallavi
Kwatra, an anesthetist, captures the essence of each profound discussion and
presents it in a comprehensive and understandable manner. She also includes
spiritual poetry which adds an element of whimsical thoughtfulness to substantial
topics. Her introduction to each member of this group was delightful; the reader feels
as if she has met each one in person.
For anyone seeking to develop an intellectual understanding of spiritual topics, as well
as numerous ways to find fulfilling enlightenment, this book will provide many avenues
of exploration. Dr. Kwatra has presented us with a true treasure!

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Deborah llyod

I found this book fascinating and delightful. The author organized an Internet-based
group of professionals to discuss spiritual matters in a unique way, with each person
bringing his or her specific background and predilection to the discussion. By
organizing her material in this way, Dr. Kwatra succeeded in presenting what might
otherwise have been "heavy" ideas in a refreshingly relaxed way. A thoroughly good

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Richard Maddox, Author
(Author of 9 volume spiritual novel; remembering eternity)

What a amazing book. It is heartening to see real life doctors with such indepth
knowledge of religion and spirituality. May God bless the author for this whatsapp
satsang. Love and Light!

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Dr Salil Aggarwal.
(ENT Specialist)

Changing times have brought forward different platforms for expression and
discussion. The essence of spiritual debate is well maintained in the book and serves
as reference for spiritual seekers.

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Dr Aachi Mithin.
(Joint Replacement Surgeon, Artist, Author)

This book is about holy confluence of different streams,
to unravel spiritual realms,to realize their eternal dream.
every speaker, is a genuine divine seeker.
playing their role for realizing their soul.
this book can set the stage for arrival of sage.
it can open the gate leading to the great.
it can dock your ship at the feet of lordship.
it can show you the way to reach the far away.
read it …
feel it….
live it….
it will give you a cue,
how to renew,
how to be one of the few,
who enjoys the celestial dew….

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

(Author, Celestial echoes)

The book is first of its kind documenting satsang through Whatsapp. I appreciate the
efforts of Dr Pallavi Kwatra who has organised the satsang among like-minded
persons interested in something beyond the material world. The group mainly consists
of highly educated professionals from medical and dental fields. It is amazing that
each of them has a great exposure to spiritual literature and have shared their
reflections on various issues and also their personal experience in life.
This book is designed in a dialogue form, where each one can share the knowledge
and experience with the other, who can verify and improve their knowledge.
While it cannot be assessed to what extent the difference has been made on the
thought process of the participants, but I am sure the reader will certainly benefit from
the collection of diverse opinions on various matters, leaving it to him to decide what is
most appealing to him.
Nevertheless, the path of self-realisation is different for each individual. The mind and
intellect, however, need a positive push and will get when we come across seekers
who are on the same path and finding some concrete results.
Though neither the participants nor the reader may fail to find all answers to their
questions, yet this collection of conversations amongst like-minded seekers will give
hope that self-realisation is possible, but we have to wait and fruitfully engage

ourselves in the path shown by enlightened souls. Let us hope that such breed of
intense spiritual seekers may multiply, taking cue from the efforts of Dr Pallavi who
used the medium of whatsapp effectively.
The participants, though have not fully blossomed spiritually, are on the right path,
who with their fearless search and boldness, are sure to reach the goal. They are
‘Little Masters’ in the making who will certainly inspire the new generation of spiritual

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Kota vikram singh rao

What an awesome read! It pulls down spirituality from the heavens to our daily
lives.No being is immune to the essence and energy of the universe, but we just don't
address it. Through these conversations, you realise, your whole being is just an
extension of the universe!! Thanks Dr. Pallavi!!

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Prerna Mathur
(Co founder at Global woman network)

This is a beautiful, heart opening and achingly honest account of a personal
awakening process. The author’s poetic style is flowing with feeling and vibrancy. The
illustrations beautifully compliment each poem and pull the reader along with the
words from great sorrow to great joy. Thank you.

Book : Musings of the Awakening Soul

Martin Nutthal

It’s a little treasure, in this day and age, to find.
The words go so beautifully with the illustrations, a combining of two Souls.
You will can see with each word that was written, was done with a deep sense of
passion, and Love.
The words just dance and caress your eyes as you read each page.
This is a woman who knows the very depth of her very being, and brings out what’s
inside of her, and gives it life.
As for San Deep, who did the illustrations, have a story all of their own……. of all “That Is” !!!!!!! You just have to look at the pictures, they touch your very core.
So the combination of these two people make for a wonderful journey into the Soul.

Yours Faithfully
Patricia Darrell

Book : Musings of the Awakening Soul

Patricia Darrell

My entire journey has ‘shifted’… Thee magical metamorphosis within my Soul are
‘otherworldly’… from thee moment that my hands touched this TREASURE ~ …sacred
…it felt as though a part, a place within my heart……..I became aware of once again!
That I had long… ‘seemingly’ forgotten ~ …nourishing ~ erotic ~ humble ~ …oh, thee
nectar ~ golden balm of healing ~ …welcome tears of joy ….deep sorrow
hidden…brought to surface ~ warmly held so lovingly… *poof* …thee beauty m!
A ‘must have’ to
any~ *All seeker/s …
thank you
thank you
thank Üuuuuuuuuuuu
truly a *****Literally classic*****
I sleep with my copy!!!
I love you (((Dr. Pallavi Kwatra))) ~
…thee images ~ (((San Deep))) you both are ᏝᏍᏋ alchemist…
I AM profoundly, deeply Grateful…

Book : Musings of the Awakening Soul

Pem mayuri crystal

The book was amazing. <3
It depicted the devotion of love, grace towards a guru 🙂
Loved it!! <3

Book: Niyaaz

Dhwani Khurana

Throughout all of human existence, great wordsmiths have grappled to put language
around the ineffable experience of love. In the grand tradition of the world’s greatest
poets, such as Rumi, Rilke, Hafiz, and others, poetess Pallavi Kwatra gives us a
glimpse into the transcendent heights, and lows, that laying ourselves on love’s altar
delivers. Again and again, she makes herself a devotee, allowing love itself to be her
guru, her master, her teacher, and her muse. From love`s crescendos to love’s depths
of despair, she lays her heart open, making of it a portal that we can walk through to
discover love’s glory. Very few writers are able to so eloquently deliver the sublime
delicacies that love has to offer. This is a feast to be savored poem by poem, line by
line, word by word, as one would savor the rarest of delicacies. Take each poem
in…let it open you, arouse you, awaken you, and deliver you to your own salvation
and redemption.

Book: Be Love


When you let go of the me
The self is what you find
To be here and now and just be
To delve into an awakened mind

The chaos and order inside
The dance of desire and loathing
You observe the enchanting divide
At once beguiling and soothing

When you love the “I”;
And shed the “I am..”;
You let the ego die
Discern this body is a sham

Today when I fall in love
Uniting the Earth, the Soul and the Divine
In truth I rise above
The surface and own my brilliant shine

Book: Be Love

Deepti Gupta


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