( Sri Chakra drawn by Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi)

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Sri Devi refers to Shakti, the divine mother, Khadaga means sword, Mala refers to garland and Stotram means a hymn or song of praise. So, the Khadagmala Stotram ( KS) is a hymn to the divine mother which is said to bestow a garland of swords upon those who recite it.

The KS takes us mentally through the Sri Chakra; i.e. the mystical geometric representation of the Transcendental Supreme Goddess. This Yantra consists of nine enclosures – each more secret and esoteric than the one before it – surrounding a central point, or Bindu, in which Devi, the Supreme Goddess (here in Her erotic form as Kameshwari) is joined in coitus with her consort i.e., Siva in His erotic form as Kameshwara

It has 15 variant versions one for each phase of the moon. The Sword bestowed upon those who recite the KS symbolizes the power (Energy) that enables us to transcend attachment, facilitating Self-Realization and leading us to the four principal aims of life – namely, dharma, artha, kaama, and moksha. As Sri Amritananda Natha explains, “the Sword metaphorically severs the head, separating the body from the mind. It can be interpreted also as Wisdom – that which separates, categorizes, and classifies. So it is a symbol of Knowledge. Khadgamala is about imagining a garland of synergistic ideas, nourishing and protecting them and putting life into them.”

Because it condenses a long series of complicated rituals into a very simple, easily achievable recitation/meditation that anyone can learn and hugely benefit from. The full puja (formal worship) of the Devis of the Sri Chakra takes hours because for each of them we pause and do a detailed “sub-puja.” Hence the sages of yore created this KS as an alternative, “short-form” recitation more suitable for the demands and time constrictions of modern-day life.

Even those who have not been initiated into Srividya can benefit greatly from the Khadgamala. Stotrams are one tool of Srividya Upasana that is open to all categories of people. It does not have ritualistic injunctions of dos and don’ts. Once a day practice is ideal – if possible, at the same time and same place. The preferable time is at night, just before going to sleep, as the practice will continue working on your resting mind.

It clears your doubts and fears, removes your psychic baggage, and prepares your mind and spirit for dramatic spiritual advancement. “It fulfills all wishes, more than you desire, instantly,” adds Sri Amritananda. “Therein lays its power. Regular practice protects you, nourishes you, and takes you beyond.”




One can prepare oneself by any or all of these methods before the recitation of the stotram. It is not mandatory to do this part and can be skipped without any negative injunctions. The governing concept here is that only the divine can worship the divine and hence one is in effect using these preparatory steps to make oneself divine.





Karanyasa, or Hand Empowerment

I place the beeja AIM on my thumb.


While saying this, rub the thumb from its root upward with the tip of the index finger and visualize the thumb as being permeated with this beeja[1]


I place the beeja KLEEM on my index finger.


While saying this, rub the index finger from its root upward with the tip of the thumb.


I place the beeja SAUH on my middle finger.


While saying this, rub the middle finger from its root upward with the tip of the thumb.


 I place the beeja SAUH on my ring finger.


While saying this, rub the ring finger from its root upward with the tip of the thumb.


I place the beeja KLEEM on my little finger.


While saying this, rub the little finger from its root upward with the tip of the thumb.


I cover my arms with the beeja AIM.


Saying this, rub each hand from elbow down the forearm to the top of the hand with the other hand. Repeat on both hands.




Anganyasa, or Body Empowerment


NOTE: Now that the hand is energized, with that energized hand you are going to energize the whole body so that the body becomes Divine and hence authorized to recite the Khadgamala.


I place the beeja AIM in the heart region.


Place your right fist on your chest. Imagine the heart region to be energized and made divine by the beeja AIM.


I place the beeja KLEEM at the crown of the head.


Place the tip of the three fingers – thumb, index, and middle joined together – at the crown of your head.


I place the beeja SAUH at the place where one has his tuft of hair.


Place the fist of your right hand, thumb extended, on the back of your head


I encase myself in the armor with SAUH.


Cross your hands across the chest with ring finger bent — this mudra is called patAkA, the flag – all fingers extended except the ring finger bent at 90 degrees at the second phlange. Imagine a woman nude from the waist up and suddenly someone comes in. How does she cover her breasts? That’s the position, with the palm facing inward in patAkA mudra as an addition.


I place the beeja KLEEM on the three eyes.[2]


Place your right hand over your eyes as follows: forefinger on your right eye, middle finger at the place of the third eye and ring finger on your left eye.


With AIM I destroy all blocks to the sadhana.


Strike the left palm facing upward with the forefinger and middle finger so that the sound of an arrow’s release is created.and visualize arrows flying in every direction destroying any negativities around that may be waiting to pounce on you to stop you from doing sadhana or to snatch away the results of sadhana


I protect my body and the place of sadhana with the beejas “bhoorbhuvaswaraH AUM” and no negativity can penetrate this protective wall.


Snap your fingers around your head as protection. Imagine a wall of fire surrounding you and the place of sadhana protecting you from all the negativities around while letting in positive vibrations.







“With breasts round and firm and curved like graceful jugs, adorned with shining jewelry;

Thus shall She be meditated upon, the Devi (Kameshwari) seated with Her Deva (Kameshwara) upon a red lotus.”


Sri Amritananda also offers this variant dhyana: “I meditate upon Sri Devi, glowing with red, yellow and blue flames of passion, fanning the arousal of Kameshwara, seated in the center of a triangle called HRIM, whose three points are the Three Gurus – Hari, Hara and Virinchi. She wears the Full Moon upon Her crown (SAUH); Her body is overflowing with the desire for Union (KLEEM) with Kameshwara, Lord of Desire. She wears a saree woven of golden threads; She is as fair as nectarine milk and the moonlight; She has three eyes; and in Her four hands, She carries the Book of All Knowledge, the noose, the goad, and a garland of letters. She embodies all that is beautiful, aesthetic, harmonious, joyful and vibrant; and She resides in the Sri Chakra.”




                                                 Manasa Puja


With the earth beeja LAM, I offer all that is good on earth and everything that is desirable in the world, in the form of good association (satsanga) unto Devi and Kameswara.


So saying, rub your little finger from the root to the tip with the tip of the thumb, and in that process visualize everything offerable to the Devi on Earth (or in the waking state) being offered to Her – anything and everything that is permeated with the earth quality. You should be able to feel the smell of parched earth freshly soaked in rain at the tip of the little finger when you do it. You must actually smell it; it should not be imagined. Those around you should be able to smell it too.


With the ether beeja HAM, I offer all of my sensual desires unto Devi in the form of all ethereal flowers; all flowers in the world; all that is beautiful in the world.


Thus reciting the beeja, rub the tip of your index finger on the thumb from root to tip. HAM is the akasha or ether beeja. Ether is the quality with which one destroys the sensual desires. You are offering Her all that attracts you in the world – through love or hate; sexual or non-sexual attraction; every sensual pleasure, taste, smell, sight, etc.; all the pleasures that one can feel with the five senses. Once offered to Her, they are no longer yours, and hence you have overcome the sensual pleasures.Initially, this is all imaginary but as time goes by this will become real.


With the air beeja YAM, I offer everything in the heavens unto Devi.


So saying, rub the index finger from the root upward, with the thumb. Dhoopa or smell is the effect of the Vayu or air beeja. When you rub the index finger with thumb the smell of scented smoke should permeate the area. With this, we offer all the enemies to sadhana – internal and external – unto Devi so that they will cease to trouble us because once we have offered them to Her we have implicitly overcome them.


With the mind beeja RAM, I offer the lamp (representing the mental aspect of the Universe) unto Devi.


So saying you shall you shall rub the middle finger with the thumb from the root upward. In the process, you must feel the heat – the precursor of light – permeating the middle finger. The lamp is that which lights and hence bestows sight. With this offering, you shall light up the darkness of ignorance and hence gain divine vision capable of perceiving Devi’s form. With proper visualization you will be able to light a wick with this mudra reciting the fire beeja RAM. All mental processes that lead to enlightenment are thus offered unto Devi.



With the nectar beeja VAM, I offer all the nectarian qualities in the world, from earth unto the Ultimate (that is, Siva in the form of the joint Siva-Shakti aspect), in the form of sustenance for Devi that gives Her Divine Immanence pleasure.


Saying this, rub the ring finger with the thumb. On the esoteric plain, it is the Union of Seer and Seen. The bliss of this Union is offered unto Devi and the sadhaka must feel that bliss when offering naivedya.



With the beeja SAM, I offer to Devi the union of mind with Her in the form of the camphor flame.


Say this with hands folded in Anjali mudra, i.e., the holding of both hands palm joined (Westerners will most easily understand this mudra as the Indian gesture of “Namaste”). The camphor flame is that flame which leaves nothing behind as residue, and as such represents the Ultimate Union of the soul in Devi – whereby one merges ultimately, completely in the Absolute. Thus we have offered Devi all that is in the Universe, all that is contained in the Pancha bhootas (the five elements), and we have ultimately merged with Her, becoming One with Her. In the case of initiated kaulas, this camphor is replaced by absolute alcohol. After the offering this alcohol is poured on the floor in a flowing motion towards the right side and as it burns on the floor one shall touch it with the ring finger and the wetness of alcohol is applied to the forehead. This is called Shakti tilaka that grants shakti or power to the sadhak.



Now that we have become One with Devi, we mentally offer her paan, or betel leaves smeared with lime and with areca nuts, representing all esoteric knowledge, for Her pleasure – which is now Your pleasure.


Then we pray: “May the Great Devi – who is Bala Tripura Sundari and also the Great Kameshwari, who is One with the great and original Guru Siva – be pleased with the mentally offered Universe of the five elements. May She be pleased and happy, and grant me Her blessings.”









Reciting the three-lettered Bala mantra may you grant the benediction of knowledge, power, and grace, as well as the power over Creation, Nourishment and Destruction.




I bow to you, Most Beautiful Lady of All the Waking, Dreaming, and Sleeping Worlds.

             16 NITYAS:

(1) kA-meshvari She who governs Desire
(2) bhaga-mAlini She who wears a Garland of Suns
(3) nitya-klinna She who is Ever Aroused
(4) bherunda She who is Terrifying
(5) vahni-vAsini She who resides in Fire
(6) mahA-vajreshvari She who governs Thunder
(7) Siva-dUti She for whom Siva was a Messenger
(8) tvarita She who moves very fast
(9) kula-sundari She who is a beautiful lotus on a lake
(10) nitya She who is Eternal
(11) neela-patAka She who carries a scarlet-tipped blue banner
(12) vijaya She who is Ever Victorious
(13) sarva-mangala She who is Always Auspicious
(14) jvAlA-mAlini She who governs Flame
(15) citra She who is Ever Changing
(16) mahA-nitya She who is the Great Eternal

I bow to Your compassionate heart, to Your royal crown, to Your flowing hair, to Your protective hands, to Your graceful glance, to Your protective weapons. I bow to your 16 aspects known as the Nityas (or the Eternals, corresponding to the 16 phases of the Moon, starting from New Moon to Full Moon).


THE GURUS: Here we recite the names of the Seers – the Rishis who realized Union with Devi for the first time doing Upasana of their respective forms of Sri Vidya:



(1) param-eswara Devi embodied as the Ultimate God Himself (Siva, foremost of Gurus)
(2) param-eshwaramayi Devi embodied as the Ultimate Goddess Herself
(3) mitreshamayi Devi embodied as the Guru MitreshAnanda Natha
(4) shastishamayi Devi embodied as the Guru Shashtish Ananda Natha
(5) uddishamayi Devi embodied as the Guru Uddisha Ananda Natha
(6) caryA-nAtha-mayi Devi embodied as the Guru Caryanatha Natha
(7) lopA-mudrA-mayi Devi embodied as the Guru Lopamudra
(8) agastya-mayi Devi embodied as the Sage Agastya (one of the seven Eternal Rishis)
(9) kAla-tApana-mayi Devi embodied as the Guru Kalatapana
(10) dharmA-charya-mayi   Devi embodied as the Guru Dharmacharya Ananda Natha
(11) muktakeshIsvara-mayi Devi embodied as the Guru MuktakaleisvarAnanda Natha
(12) dipakalA-nAtha-mayi   Devi embodied as the Guru Dipakala Natha
(13) vishnu-devamayi Devi embodied as the Guru aspect of Vishnu
(14) prabhA-kara-devamayi     Devi embodied as the Guru Prabhakara (the Sun)
(15) tejo-devamayi Devi embodied as the Guru aspect of Agni or Fire
(16) manoja-devamayi Devi embodied as the Guru aspect of Kamadeva
(17) kalyAna-devamayi Devi embodied as the Guru aspect of Auspiciousness
(18) ratna-devamayi Devi embodied as the Guru aspect of the Jewel
(19) vAsu-devamayi      Devi embodied as the Guru aspect of Vasudeva or Krishna
(20) rAmAnand-amayi Devi embodied as the Guru Rama Aanda Natha



( The 4 upward pointing triangles and the 5 downward pointing triangles)


(The 3-dimensional views can be seen in this video link:


The Sri chakra has within it 98 yoginis or aspects of Devi. They are arranged in 9 enclosures( avarnas). The first avarna has 3 bhupras. There are 9 triangles, 4 pointing upwards representing Shiva and 5 pointing downwards representing shakti

AVARNA 1: TRILOKYA MOHANAM ( the wheel that bewitches the 3 worlds- A square of 3 lines with 4 portals

Deity: Prakriti

Component: bhupura

Body awareness: feet

The walls of the first enclosure of Sri Chakra are generally represented in the Sri Yantra as three square enclosures with openings on their four cardinal points, collectively forming the first of the Nine Enclosures. The three lines are respectively white, red and yellow in color. The yellow is not bright yellow, but Peeta, the yellow color of butter. Nor is the red a deep blood red; it is aruna, the color of rising sun – a sort of orange-red.

The White (Outer) Wall/first bhupura

I bow to the Ten Siddhis, or Powers, guarding the outermost wall of the First Enclosure, which is white in color, representing the sattvic guna, or quality:


I bow to:

(1) aNimA-siddhi Atomic Reduction
(2) laghimA-siddhi Lightness
(3) mahimA-siddhi Magnitude
(4) Ishitva-siddhi Creative Control
(5) vashitva-siddhi Enchanting Command
(6) prA-kAmya-siddhi Achievement
(7) bhukti-siddhi Enjoyment
(8) ic-Cha-siddhi Will Power
(9) prApti-siddhi Attainment
(10) sarvA-kAma-siddhi Realization of All Desires



The Red (Middle) Wall/second bhupura

These are the Saptamatrikas (Seven Little Mothers) plus Mahalakshmi, here representing the Eight Passions, and guarding the middle wall of the First Enclosure, which is red to symbolize the rajasic guna.

I bow to:

(1/11) brAh-mi Lust
(2/12) mAhe-shwari Anger
(3/13) kau-mAri Possessiveness
(4/14) vaish-navi Obsessiveness
(5/15) vA-rAhi Pride
(6/16) mA-hendri Jealousy
(7/17) cA-munda Individualism/”I”-ness
(8/18) mahA-lakShmi Sovereignity of the Mind



The Yellow (Inner) Wall/third bhupura:


Next, we encounter the “Control Devis,” guarding the innermost wall of the First Enclosure, which is yellow in color, symbolizing the tamasic guna. Sri Amritananda Natha comments: “These are the Ten Devis offering the devotee control over the passions of lust, anger, possessiveness, obsession, pride, jealousy, good, and evil” – represented by the Eight Mothers of the previous wall or line.


I bow to:


(1/19) sarva-samk-shobhini She who agitates all
(2/20) sarva-vidravini She who liquifies/melts all
(3/21) sarvA-karshini She who attracts all
(4/22) sarva-vashankari She who controls/commands all
(5/23) sarvon-mAdini She who maddens all
(6/24) sarva-mahAnkusha She who directs/insists upon all
(7/25) sarva-khechari She who moves/flies all through space
(8/26) sarva-beeja She who is the seed or information (DNA/”genetic map”) of all
(9/27) sarva-yoni She who is the source or womb of all/the uniter of all
(10/28) sarva-trikhanda She who is the trifold division/separator of all: Knower, Knowing and Known


I bow to the Mistress of the Wheel of the Three Worlds of Waking, Dreaming, and Sleeping; the Prakatayogini  who expresses Herself openly and without inhibitions


AVARNA 2: SARVASAPARIPURAKA ( The wheel that fulfills all desires)

DEITY: Moon,stars & planets.

COMPONENT: 16 petals

BODY AWARENESS: hip/pelvic region


I bow to:

(1/29) kamA-karshini She who attracts the power of lust (procreation and nurturing)
(2/30) buddhyA-karshini She who attracts the power of discrimination/decision
(3/31) ahamkarA-karshini She who attracts the power of ego
(4/32) shabdA-karshini She who attracts the power of sound/hearing
(5/33) sparshA-karshini She who attracts the power of touch
(6/34) rupA-karshini She who attracts the power of form /sight
(7/35) rasA-karshini She who attracts the power of taste
(8/36) gandhA-karShini She who attracts the power of scent
(9/37) cittA-karshini She who attracts the power of the mind
(10/38) dharyA-karshini She who attracts the power of valor/courage
(11/39) smrityA-karshini She who attracts the power of memory
(12/40) namA-karshini, She who attracts the power of names
(13/41) beeja-karshini She who attracts the power of the seed/semen
(14/42) AtmA-karshini She who attracts the power of the self
(15/43) amrutA-karshini She who attracts the of immortality
(16/44) sharirA-karshini She who attracts the power of mortality

I bow to the Mistress of the Wheel Which Fulfills All Directions and All Desires, who is the Secret Yogini.



COMPONENT: 8 petals

Here follow the Eight “Erotic Sentiments” (note that Ananga also indicates that they are “limb-less,” i.e., bodiless or incorporeal Devis) of the Third Enclosure

I bow to:

Yogini Literal Meaning (Sexual) Subtle Meaning (Attributes)
(1/45) ananga-kusuma She who embodies the sentiment of flowering She of limitless fire (or flowers)
(2/46) ananga-mekhala She who embodies the sentiment of girdling (boundaries) She of limitless girth
(3/47) ananga-madana She who embodies the sentiment of love (arousal) She of limitless delight
(4/48) ananga-mada-nAtura She who embodies the sentiment of lust (taking delight in love) She of limitless love (delight in love)
(5/49) ananga-rekha She who embodies the sentiment of crossing boundaries She of limitless lines (or measure)
(6/50) ananga-vegini She who embodies the sentiment of desiring sex immediately She of limitless energy
(7/51) ananga-ankusa She who embodies the sentiment of insistence on sex She of limitless restraint
(8/52) ananga-mAlini She who embodies the sentiment of joyful orgy She of limitless garlands (or beauty)


I bow to the Mistress of this All-Agitating Wheel of the Esoteric Yoginis.



AVARNA 4: SARVA SAUBHAGYA DAYAKA( the wheel that gives all good fortune)


DEITY: turiya Maya


COMPONENT: 14 Triangles


BODY AWARENESS: Hridayam or heart.




I bow to:


(1/53) sarva-samk-shobhini  She who agitates all
(2/54) sarva-vidrA-vini She who liquefies/floods all
(3/55) sarva-karsini She who attracts all 
(4/56) sarvA-hladini She who pleases all
(5/57) sarva-sammohini She who deludes all
(6/58) sarva-sthambhini She who obstructs all (stops motion)
(7/59) sarva-jrumbhini She who expands/explodes all
(8/60) sarva-vashamkari She who controls all/makes all obey
(9/61) sarva-ranjani She who enjoys all/gives ecstasy to all
(10/62) sarvon-mAdini She who maddens all
(11/63) sar-vArtha-sAdhini She who fulfills all/makes all prosperous
(12/64) sarva-sampatti-pUrani She who fills all with riches/ wealth
(13/65) sarva-mantramayi She who takes the form of all mantras/provides the “genetic material” of the Cosmos
(14/66) sarva-dvandva-kshayamkari She who eliminates all dualities

I bow to the great mistress of the Chakra that Bestows All Good Fortune; the Great Traditional Yogini.

AVARNA 5: SARVA SADHAKAM ( The wheel that bestows all wealth)

DEITY: Shree Mahavishnu

COMPONENT: 10 Triangles


I bow to:

(1/67) sarva-siddhi-prada She who bestows all achievements/ attainments
(2/68) sarva-sampat-prada She who bestows all wealth/ riches
(3/69) sarva-priyamkari She who bestows all that one wishes for, or would love to have
(4/70) sarva-mangala-kArini She who is harbinger of all auspiciousness
(5/71) sarva-kAma-prade She who is fulfiller of all desires
(6/72) sarva-duhkha-vimocani She who eliminates all misery
(7/73) sarva-mrityu-prasamani She who eliminates all accidental deaths/delays death
(8/74) sarva-vighna-nivArani She who eliminates all obstacles, hurdles
(9/75) sarvAnga-sundari She who is beautiful in every limb/part of Her body
(10/76) sarva-soubhAgya-dAyini She who brings all desires

I bow to the Mistress of the Wheel providing of all manner of things that propel us along the righteous path, granting all wealth, fulfilling all desires, and making liberation possible; the Yogini who is beyond all classification, who is not bound by anything – and who is the Grantor of All Things.


AVARNA 6 : SARVA RAKSHAKAR( The wheel of complete protection)

DEITY: Jyoti Swaroop shakti

COMPONENT: 10 triangles


I bow to:


(1/77) sarva-jna She who is all-knowing (complete knowledge protects)
(2/78) sarva-shakta She who is all-powerful (power protects)
(3/79) sarva-isvarya-pradAyini She who grants all divine qualities (which protect)
(4/80) sarva-jnAna-mayi She who grants all knowledge (knowledge is protection)
(5/81) sarva-vyAdhi-vinashini She who destroys all illness (health is protection)
(6/82) sarva-dhara-svarUpa She who supports all (having a strong foundation is protection)
(7/83) sarva-pApahara She who destroys the concept of sin (lack of sin is protection)
(8/84) sarvAnanda-mayi She who embodies pleasure (the result of fearlessness, which is protection)
(9/85) sarva-rakShA-svarUpini She who is embodies protection itself
(10/86) sar-vepsita-phala-prada She who grants all desires (you are protected when your desires are all fulfilled)



I bow to the Mistress of the Wheel of All Protection, the Yogini who protects me like a child in Her womb.



AVARNA 7: SARVA ROGAHARA ( the wheel that destroys all illness)


DEITY: Kamarupini







I bow to:


(1/87) vashini She who attracts everything
(2/88) kAmeshvari She who governs lust
(3/89) modini She who is happy
(4/90) vimala She who is without blemish
(5/91) aruna She who is red in color
(6/92) jayini She who is always victorious
(7/93) sarveshvari She who is governs All
(8/94) kaulini She who enjoys; the Mistress of the Kaulacharya



I bow to the Mistress of the Wheel that Destroys All Illness, the Secret Yogini.


Here we pause to worship the weapons of the Divine Mother as the carrier of those weapons.

I bow to:


bA-nini –She who carries the five flower-arrows of Kama – which are the senses of sound (music), touch (eros), form (beauty), taste (sweetness), and smell (fragrance), and known by their respective beeja mantras, drAM, drIM, kLIM,bLooM and saH.


cA-pini – She who carries the sugarcane bow (i.e., the mind, which likes the sweet things of life), with its string of bumblebees.


pA-shini – She who carries the noose of love.


anku-shini – She who carries the elephant goad to control evil and wayward sensory desires.


AVARNA 8: SARVARTHA SADHAKA( The wheel that bestows complete attainment on the sadhka)

DEITY: Chandra Prabha.

COMPONENT: Final triangle.

BODY AWARENESS: Dome of head

I bow to:


(1/95) mahA-kAmeshvari – Mistress of All Desires


(2/96) mahA-vajreshvari – Mistress of the Cosmos in Indestructible Seed Form


(3/97) mahA-bhaga-mAlini – Mistress of the Infinite Cosmic Wealth Outside the Seed Form


(4/98) mahA-ShrI-sundari – Most Beautiful Embodiment of the Cosmos.


I bow to the Mistress of the Wheel of Realizations; the Most Secret Yogini.


AVARNA 9: SARVA ANANDMAYI( The wheel of unalloyed bliss)

DEITY: Chandra prabha.

COMPONENT: Final triangle

BODY AWARENESS: Dome of head

                ( The Bindu)


I bow to Sri-Sri-mahA-bhattArikA – Shakti on Siva

I bow to the Transcendental Secret Yogini who is the joint form of the worshiper and the worshiped; who is the Great Goddess, the Ultimate Unity that is the Cosmos. 


Having worshiped the Devis residing in the previous circuits, we now pay homage to those Goddesses who control or govern each of the Nine Wheels:


I bow to:


1) tripura She who embodies the Three States: Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping (or Three Worlds: the Manifest Cosmos, The Heavenly Realms of the Devis and Devas, and Pure Transcendent Consciousness)
2) tripuresi She who controls these Three States/Worlds
3) tripura-sundari She who is the Most Beautiful in all these Three States/Worlds
4) tripurA-VAsini She who lives in all these Three States/Worlds
5) tripurA-ShriH She who embodies the riches of all these Three States/Worlds
6) tripura-mAlini She who embodies the sequences of all these Three States/Worlds, as experienced by all people
7) tripurA-siddha She who embodies the achievements possible in all these Three States/Worlds
8) tripurAmba She who embodies the experience of the Cosmos in Her Three States/Worlds, unifying the experiences of all Life
9) mahA-tripura-sundari She who is the Ultimate Beauty in the Three States/Worlds


Then we recite eight additional names of praise for Devi:


I bow to:


1) mahA-maheshvari  She who is the Great Cosmic Controller
2) mahA-mahA-Ranjni She who is the Great Cosmic Empress
3) mahA-mahA-Shakta She who is the Great Cosmic Power
4) mahA-mahA-Gupta She who is the Great Cosmic Secret
5) mahA-mahA-Jnapta She who is the Great Cosmic Memory
6) mahA-mahAnanda She who is the Great Cosmic Bliss
7) mahA-mahA-Skandha She who is the Great Cosmic Support
8) mahA-mahAshaya  She who is the Great Cosmic Expression


Finally, we worship the Devi who governs the Ninth Enclosure:


I bow to:


She who is the Great Transcendental Consciousness, Empress of the Wheel of Sri Chakra


I bow to You, I bow to You, I bow to You in the Three States of Waking, Dreaming, and the Sleeping States, O Great Divine Mother!

Dr. Pallavi Kwatra.

Author of spiritual poetry books


  • shailendra Tiwari Posted June 30, 2019 1:29 pm

    It is the murmur of heart which flows like a poetry in our consciousness.

  • Sunil Ģorawara Posted July 30, 2019 8:24 pm

    Superb. For the first time an author has given this extremely terse text in reader friendly language. Bless you Pallavi ji.🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • avinash Posted October 8, 2019 9:46 pm

    GREAT help to us this explanations very very thanks to you

  • Bhagyashree patil Posted January 2, 2020 11:18 pm

    Wonderful would really like to discuss even goddess is getting studied from me

  • archana Posted October 30, 2020 7:50 pm

    Detailed and very meaningfully explained

    • User Avatar
      pallavi Posted November 5, 2020 12:17 pm

      Thank you

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Om Hrim Sri Grurubhyo Namaha,

Namasthe Madam, This is a wonderful initiative to spread the divine Wisdom to everyone, who sincerely wanted to progress in this path. Only Divine Maa can show us the way to reach Ultimate goal of life. By Sri Vidya Practice Ultimate can be reached very easily. Thank U Madam for wonderful initiation

Jai Maa Kaali

Rajesh Shetty

I am so grateful to you Dr. Pallavi Kwatra Ji, to receive your book as a gift. The book is truly a Wave of Beauty – Saudarya Lahiri, literally. Expressing each of the 1000 sacred names of the Devi in a 1000 pictures is a first of its kind. I send my prayers for its success!
– Pawan Misra (Author of LIVING HANUMAN)

Pawan Misra

A very beautiful book! It should be in every library, and on every coffee table. I cannot think of a better gift for friends on the spiritual path.

– Ram Das Batchelder, author of “Rising in Love” and other books

Ram Das

This is a lovely collection of 101 seminal quotes from the great sage Ramana Maharshi, set in delightful designs by Dr. Pallavi Kwatra. A great coffee table book, this would also be a special gift for any spiritual seeker.

~Ram Das Batchelder, author of “Rising in Love”

Ram Das Batchelder

The Beautiful concept expressed in her unique way…

Dr Mily Joseph (General practitioner, UK)

I received this book as a gift from the author herself. Unlike any other books, I queued it for a suitable time and space in order to leap into the engraved wisdom the words hid. As an author and above all as a spiritual-aspirant, Pallavi’s words always reflected something more than just an emotion, and this is the very reason, I wanted to create
an elegant space and time for myself to read her work. And let me be honest, those times I spent reading and absorbing her words became some of the finest moment of my spiritual journey. An eloquent style of narration and the choices of words separates Pallavi from other poets and poetesses I have come across. It is also an important
aspect that her words have the power to reflect a multitude of meaning in the reader’s mind and heart, which affirms her success as a spiritual and symbolic poetess.
Therefore, I am grateful for her to furnish one of the finest poetic works in this year, and gifted me those pearls of wisdom with all its humility and humbleness. ‘Be love’, in all its glory.

Vishanth Pannakal (Author, Lucid, The Archetypes, chaos encapsulated)

Be Love is beautiful! The most beautifully formatted Kindle book that I have. I think I will also get a physical copy too. The font and drawings aptly reflect the delicious content. I am in awe of the writer’s heart and poetic gift. I hope there is more to come.
Thank you.

Ruth Nuttall (Hypnotherapist, Healer & Clairvoyant)

It’s an Amazing book, a must read book for the people looking for the path of spritiual

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Amazon Customer

For anyone interested in spirituality, Hindu philosophy and spiritual poetry, this book is
a rare and highly entertaining treasure. The author, a doctor and poet living in Delhi,
and an ardent devotee of Ramana Maharshi, started a Whatsapp group with eleven
other spiritually-inclined Indian-born doctors, some of them working in the West, and
their ensuing spiritual discussions form the contents of this book, thus giving a modern
twist to the age-old concept of satsang (spiritual discourse, literally meaning ‘joining
with truth’). The flow of gentle chatter among the participants is interspersed with
spiritual stories from various traditions, references to great Gurus of all eras, and
sizzling Zen-like spiritual poetry, the specialty of the author:
What a pity it is
That we fail to see
How unconditionally the sky
Walks alongside each of us.
Inspiring quotes from modern gurus like Sadhguru and Nannagaru are sprinkled
throughout, and lofty concepts such as predestination, grace, bhakti, moksha and
Enlightenment are bubbling through every paragraph. But it is not just talk; some of
those participating in this delightfully human conversation have experienced profound
bhavas and samadhi states, and their attempts to convey those ineffable experiences
inevitably inspire the reader to reach beyond their words into the experience itself.
Such is the great value and blessing of satsang, and the precious offering hidden
within these pages.
My gratitude to this book’s esteemed author, and all who participated in this divine

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Ram Das Batchelder, Author

This book is truly an unique blend of timeless wisdom, discussed on modern
technology. Twelve doctors meet over the period of nine months on the internet’s
WhatsApp site, to discuss religious beliefs, spirituality and philosophy. Dr. Pallavi
Kwatra, an anesthetist, captures the essence of each profound discussion and
presents it in a comprehensive and understandable manner. She also includes
spiritual poetry which adds an element of whimsical thoughtfulness to substantial
topics. Her introduction to each member of this group was delightful; the reader feels
as if she has met each one in person.
For anyone seeking to develop an intellectual understanding of spiritual topics, as well
as numerous ways to find fulfilling enlightenment, this book will provide many avenues
of exploration. Dr. Kwatra has presented us with a true treasure!

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Deborah llyod

I found this book fascinating and delightful. The author organized an Internet-based
group of professionals to discuss spiritual matters in a unique way, with each person
bringing his or her specific background and predilection to the discussion. By
organizing her material in this way, Dr. Kwatra succeeded in presenting what might
otherwise have been "heavy" ideas in a refreshingly relaxed way. A thoroughly good

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Richard Maddox, Author
(Author of 9 volume spiritual novel; remembering eternity)

What a amazing book. It is heartening to see real life doctors with such indepth
knowledge of religion and spirituality. May God bless the author for this whatsapp
satsang. Love and Light!

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Dr Salil Aggarwal.
(ENT Specialist)

Changing times have brought forward different platforms for expression and
discussion. The essence of spiritual debate is well maintained in the book and serves
as reference for spiritual seekers.

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Dr Aachi Mithin.
(Joint Replacement Surgeon, Artist, Author)

This book is about holy confluence of different streams,
to unravel spiritual realms,to realize their eternal dream.
every speaker, is a genuine divine seeker.
playing their role for realizing their soul.
this book can set the stage for arrival of sage.
it can open the gate leading to the great.
it can dock your ship at the feet of lordship.
it can show you the way to reach the far away.
read it …
feel it….
live it….
it will give you a cue,
how to renew,
how to be one of the few,
who enjoys the celestial dew….

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

(Author, Celestial echoes)

The book is first of its kind documenting satsang through Whatsapp. I appreciate the
efforts of Dr Pallavi Kwatra who has organised the satsang among like-minded
persons interested in something beyond the material world. The group mainly consists
of highly educated professionals from medical and dental fields. It is amazing that
each of them has a great exposure to spiritual literature and have shared their
reflections on various issues and also their personal experience in life.
This book is designed in a dialogue form, where each one can share the knowledge
and experience with the other, who can verify and improve their knowledge.
While it cannot be assessed to what extent the difference has been made on the
thought process of the participants, but I am sure the reader will certainly benefit from
the collection of diverse opinions on various matters, leaving it to him to decide what is
most appealing to him.
Nevertheless, the path of self-realisation is different for each individual. The mind and
intellect, however, need a positive push and will get when we come across seekers
who are on the same path and finding some concrete results.
Though neither the participants nor the reader may fail to find all answers to their
questions, yet this collection of conversations amongst like-minded seekers will give
hope that self-realisation is possible, but we have to wait and fruitfully engage

ourselves in the path shown by enlightened souls. Let us hope that such breed of
intense spiritual seekers may multiply, taking cue from the efforts of Dr Pallavi who
used the medium of whatsapp effectively.
The participants, though have not fully blossomed spiritually, are on the right path,
who with their fearless search and boldness, are sure to reach the goal. They are
‘Little Masters’ in the making who will certainly inspire the new generation of spiritual

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Kota vikram singh rao

What an awesome read! It pulls down spirituality from the heavens to our daily
lives.No being is immune to the essence and energy of the universe, but we just don't
address it. Through these conversations, you realise, your whole being is just an
extension of the universe!! Thanks Dr. Pallavi!!

Book : 9 Months: From Involution to Evolution: What’s App Satsang

Prerna Mathur
(Co founder at Global woman network)

This is a beautiful, heart opening and achingly honest account of a personal
awakening process. The author’s poetic style is flowing with feeling and vibrancy. The
illustrations beautifully compliment each poem and pull the reader along with the
words from great sorrow to great joy. Thank you.

Book : Musings of the Awakening Soul

Martin Nutthal

It’s a little treasure, in this day and age, to find.
The words go so beautifully with the illustrations, a combining of two Souls.
You will can see with each word that was written, was done with a deep sense of
passion, and Love.
The words just dance and caress your eyes as you read each page.
This is a woman who knows the very depth of her very being, and brings out what’s
inside of her, and gives it life.
As for San Deep, who did the illustrations, have a story all of their own……. of all “That Is” !!!!!!! You just have to look at the pictures, they touch your very core.
So the combination of these two people make for a wonderful journey into the Soul.

Yours Faithfully
Patricia Darrell

Book : Musings of the Awakening Soul

Patricia Darrell

My entire journey has ‘shifted’… Thee magical metamorphosis within my Soul are
‘otherworldly’… from thee moment that my hands touched this TREASURE ~ …sacred
…it felt as though a part, a place within my heart……..I became aware of once again!
That I had long… ‘seemingly’ forgotten ~ …nourishing ~ erotic ~ humble ~ …oh, thee
nectar ~ golden balm of healing ~ …welcome tears of joy ….deep sorrow
hidden…brought to surface ~ warmly held so lovingly… *poof* …thee beauty m!
A ‘must have’ to
any~ *All seeker/s …
thank you
thank you
thank Üuuuuuuuuuuu
truly a *****Literally classic*****
I sleep with my copy!!!
I love you (((Dr. Pallavi Kwatra))) ~
…thee images ~ (((San Deep))) you both are ᏝᏍᏋ alchemist…
I AM profoundly, deeply Grateful…

Book : Musings of the Awakening Soul

Pem mayuri crystal

The book was amazing. <3
It depicted the devotion of love, grace towards a guru 🙂
Loved it!! <3

Book: Niyaaz

Dhwani Khurana

Throughout all of human existence, great wordsmiths have grappled to put language
around the ineffable experience of love. In the grand tradition of the world’s greatest
poets, such as Rumi, Rilke, Hafiz, and others, poetess Pallavi Kwatra gives us a
glimpse into the transcendent heights, and lows, that laying ourselves on love’s altar
delivers. Again and again, she makes herself a devotee, allowing love itself to be her
guru, her master, her teacher, and her muse. From love`s crescendos to love’s depths
of despair, she lays her heart open, making of it a portal that we can walk through to
discover love’s glory. Very few writers are able to so eloquently deliver the sublime
delicacies that love has to offer. This is a feast to be savored poem by poem, line by
line, word by word, as one would savor the rarest of delicacies. Take each poem
in…let it open you, arouse you, awaken you, and deliver you to your own salvation
and redemption.

Book: Be Love


When you let go of the me
The self is what you find
To be here and now and just be
To delve into an awakened mind

The chaos and order inside
The dance of desire and loathing
You observe the enchanting divide
At once beguiling and soothing

When you love the “I”;
And shed the “I am..”;
You let the ego die
Discern this body is a sham

Today when I fall in love
Uniting the Earth, the Soul and the Divine
In truth I rise above
The surface and own my brilliant shine

Book: Be Love

Deepti Gupta


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